Our fully automated processes guarantee maximum reproducibility.

We assure that performances match perfectly to the drawing at any time depending fnish quality (roughness) and edge rounding (DIN ISO 13715). Quality assurance is performed and documented individually according to customer requirements, respectively drawings. If critical components are used, a 100% consistent documented control is possible. Of course we take care about any necessary sorting tasks of further processing. To give you an impression of our high standards and qualities, we offer you a sample processing for free. You can transmit your request by phone or via contact form.



Cutting Edge Preparation

Optimization in the µ-range: We optimize stamping tools like matrices and punches, as well as tools like drill bits and milling machines. Because of the grinding process, cutting edges, for example of tap drills, show a series of microscopic defects on the cutting area. Those defects appear e.g. as raptures, chipping, burrs and inaccurate surfaces, that can cause premature abrasion or break of the tools, as well as deterioration of the work piece surface. Cutting edge preparation with drag finishing method allows us, via systemic rounding of cutting edges in the µ-range, to enhance the service life of tools and improve the surface quality considerably.

We offer:

  • Optimization of drill bits, milling tools, taps, as well as cutting punches and matrices
  • Short delivery periods and low processing costs
  • Tool cost analysis and a detailed depiction of potential savings


Drag Finishing

For polishing, grinding or exact edge fillet: During the drag finishing process, larger components with complex geometries or components that must not contact are fixed in specific holding devices. They get dragged through a vessel with polishing granulate in a circular motion rapidly. The swift motion results high contact pressures between workpiece and process medium, which rebounds to an optimal processing result of exact edge rounding or high gloss finish in hand polishing quality.

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Slidegrinding and polishing with the centrifugal disc finishing process

Clean, intensive and 20 times more effective: The centrifugal disc finishing process is a slide grinding process and was developed for the surface treatment of workpieces. The disc-shaped bottom of a cylindrical container open at the top is separated from the container wall by a gap. The workpieces together with a suitable abrasive or polishing media are processed in a high speed toroidal flow powered by the rotating disc. By the effect of different centrifugal forces between the workpieces and the machining medium a very inten-sive finishing process arise, which can be 20 times more effective than conventional vibrators. During the wet processing, a mixture of water and compunds are supplied and drained, which flushes out the shabby dirt particles so a clean, corrosion free surface occurs.

Slidegrinding and polishing services

You want:

  • Low processing costs
  • Short delivery times
  • Optimal processed surfaces (grinding, smoothing, polishing)
  • Stable and repeatable processing quality
  • Edge rounding as specified in the drawing (DIN ISO 13715)
  • No investments
  • No personnel expenses

We offer:

  • Grinding, smoothing and deburring your workpieces
  • Processing steel, aluminium, ceramics and plastic parts
  • 24 hours service
  • Measurement protocols on request
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