HENSEL & BLANK toolOpener®
From 500 kilograms to 50 tons

The definitive solution for safe and economic handling of any sized stamping, forming and injection tools

Our company is specialized in handling stamping, forming and injection tools from 500kg to 50t. We developed the toolOpener®, that has been tried and tested multiple times and comes into operation worldwide by now, to counteract the following problems:

  • Unsafe handling of tools via crane or forklift with subsequent bad working conditions and high tool costsbecause of cracks or joint flaws
  • Poor accessibility increases the error rate of maintenance and replacements with the consequence of high reject rates in production
  • Downtimes because of unnecessary replacement and maintenance works inside the press

We offer the Hensel & Blank toolOpener® as a mobile version for smaller and medium-sized tools, as well as the stationary version – optional in conjunction with tool changing systems. These establish the basis of a safe, ergonomic and efficient tool management. An amortisation period within one year is generally achievable.

From fully automated solutions for the moving and opening of different tool types and sizes to basic semiautomatic facilities – anything is possible. Additively through the application of standard components, the storage costs and downtimes will be reduced. Of course remote diagnosis can be performed online.

toolOpener_verlussteThe toolOpener® increases productivity

The usual losses of 20% to 30% that appear during installment, rebuilding and repair works can be reduced by 10% by our toolOpener®.

tO2toolOpener® up to 2.000 Kilograms

tO 02.0-S: Stationary tool handling concept to mount stamping and forming tools of different sizes.

tO8toolOpener® up to 10 tons

tO 10.0-S: Stationary tool handling facility to mount stamping and forming tools of different sizes

tO50toolOpener® up to 50 tons

tO 50.0-HS: Stationary tool handling facility to mount stamping and forming tools up to 2.500 x 3.100 x 950 cm and a weight of 50 tons

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